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ACI provides Accounts Receivables (A/R) Management, Billing and Collection Services to Commercial Businesses. Strategies employed to your small, medium, or large business to guarantee the highest efficiency in achieving cash flow performance and revenue management.


ACI provides services for many mediums to large size companies seeking to achieve constant and efficient cash
flow on accounts receivables (A/R's) due.

Companies of every industry, service, or manufacturing sector realize the accelerated productivity value when
allocating a greater portion of internal staff for the sole purpose of generating client leads, market expansion,
and/or completing volume sales.

By dedicating company staff to such vital areas such as production and sales, potential revenues are increased.
Reducing internal costs associated with non-production such as A/R management, payroll, and bookkeeping,
immediate and recognizable results are realized in profit gains as the cost of 'doing business' is dramatically

With over 25 years of experience and proven client performance results, ACI has been helping businesses of
every kind achieve the most efficient form of operation.

Today is a world of technology and outsourcing. For the cost of replacing a single printer cartridge used to print
company invoices and mailings, ACI places the money due your business in your bank account immediately.

Never print an invoice again. Drastically reduce any concerns of obtaining payment from customers. Better qualify
credible customers to reduce the exposure to risk of loss.

ACI provides e-billing of A/R's (where applicable), statement invoicing, follow up calls, pre-collect, and full service collection of accounts.

Uncollected debts cost businesses billions of dollars every year. This causes a negative effect on the bottom line.
ACI provides solutions to maximize profits and increase your company's bottom line.

A company must establish a specific operating policy for management of their accounts receivables. It is
imperative to have an action plan.

Today's economy can be uncertain for some businesses. Time is of the essence in capturing payment on your
company invoices. The older an account becomes, the lower your chances of recovery. It is critical to take
proactive actions once an account receivable ages sixty to ninety days past its due date.

The chart below shows the United States Department of Commerce statistics on the effect of aging of debt.
The age of each account determines their value.

Improve Your Recovery Rates on U.S. and International Commercial debt

ACI has been providing the most technologically advanced methods in revenue management and the collection
of A/R’s due to B2B firms for over 25 years.

Our experienced A/R management and commercial collection staff, combined with our world-class A/R debt
collection system, will help you improve your recovery rates and ensure you receive the highest return on
every dollar invoiced by your company

As an ACI Commercial Client,You Can Count On...


Process each invoice to ensure payment to your business for as low as $1. Yes, for little over the price
of a postage stamp, ACI will ensure payment of your invoices.

Expert account handling by knowledgeable professionals with years of commercial collection agency

Consistent and professional treatment of all your customer accounts with each step in the debt collection
process tracked and monitored.

ACI meets defined performance goals and ensures your money is collected as quickly as possible.

Improved recovery rates on domestic and international past due accounts. ACI's recovery rate against U.S.
debtors is substantially higher than the benchmark recovery rate of the Commercial Law League of America.

International commercial collections expertise. We have multi-lingual professionals specializing in international
collection services from offices in Europe and Asia. Additionally, ACI provides a global network of more than
400 affiliate attorneys and agencies.


Full range of commercial collection services - ACI can effectively handle commercial collection accounts of any
size, in any stage of delinquency (from a few days to many months), in the United States, Canada and
more than 200 other countries worldwide.

Expert collection account handling. ACI has been servicing our business clients with exemplary results
for over 25 years.

Dynamic Internet Client Access for Your Business - ACI clients can obtain immediate and real time tracking
of a single invoice to voluminous invoices. Clients can obtain detailed and comprehensive reports on all
of your accounts through our fully secure, password protected web site. Access to status and
statistical information is available 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

International Collections Expertise - ACI is one of the few American A/R Management, Billing and Collection
firms specializing in international debt collection.

Merchandise Recovery – Where a customer refuses to pay, ACI will employ resources to immediately recover
your merchandise and return it to your business.

Worldwide network of collection attorneys - ACI has developed a network of more than 3,000 affiliate
attorneys, law firms, and commercial debt collection agencies in every major metropolitan area worldwide.
These professionals are your indigenous resource where a local presence or legal action is required
to recover your debt.

Our primary objective is to collect your claim as quickly as possible, with the least cost to you. Thus, wherever
your debtor is located, we will generally attempt to collect through our own in-house efforts. If in-house collections
are unsuccessful, the account could be forwarded to one of our law firms in the debtor's local jurisdiction. If legal
action is warranted, you will be advised of the costs required to file a suit. No suit will be filed without your
express prior approval.

For over 25 years, ACI has assisted thousands of small businesses to cost-effectively increase cash flow and
decrease losses on credit sales. Our small business division website contains a brief questionnaire which can get
you started immediately. You can also contact a representative directly at
(800) 658-8919.

For any additional questions or special requirements, call your local ACI account representative today to customize
an A/R Management, Billing, Invoicing, or Collection plan which meets the specific needs of your business.

We recognize that each and every client is important to our success and has unique requirements. Therefore, we
treat each and every client, big and small, as if they were our only client.

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